Nabór do grupy początkującej!

Jesteś uczniem szkoły podstawowej?
Zapraszamy na treningi do naszej grupy dla początkujących zawodników!
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Kurs Prowadzącego Strzelanie PZSS

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Bierzemy udział w Rządowym Programie Klub 2022

Dzięki wsparciu finansowemu Ministerstwa Sportu i Turystyki zakupiliśmy w tym roku karabin pneumatyczny Walther LG 400. Kwota wsparcia MSiT wynosi 10 000zł, z czego 4 000zł dotyczy zakupu sprzętu, natomiast 6 000zł prowadzenia treningów sportowychRelated: ron diaz spiced rum alcohol percentage, dr james mac department of defense, donnybrook st louis cast, mark kline resigns, zachary ailes taft school, summer moon coffee nutrition information, matt holliday wife cancer, lago mar beach resort & club, sailboat cove stripe identification, green frog bassinet recall, is kroger a christian company, the nothing man ending explained, the peninsula chicago wedding, slaves in clarke county, alabama, kastar battery charger instructions,Related: embed loom video in powerpoint, bloody point resort closed, madlyn rhue measurements, reborn as percy weasley fanfiction, air assault handbook 2021 pdf, chris elliott schitt’s creek falling out, cockney slang for moustache, deaths in tyler, tx yesterday, france, switzerland germany itinerary, portrait of a moor morgan library, glen and friends cooking julie, sue aikens makeover, list of purok in visayan village, tagum city, shooting in north charleston, fernando henao montoya,Related: naples, fl obituaries 2021, nashville school of the arts choir, bonnie kay whittle patrick swayze, bob morgan stuntman accident, mountain lion sightings in ct map, travel guides cast get paid, how much does indeed charge per click, bad bunny concert miami 2022, independence city council candidates 2022, dacia duster warning lights zig zag, significado de antonio nombre, early head start lubbock, tx, knoebels entertainment schedule 2022, andrew whitworth parents, rockfest 2022 kansas city,Related: gua1600bst motherboard, nuclear safety definition iaea, roland pha 4 standard, packaging supplies near me, new retirement communities in southern california, house for sale meisner ave, staten island, fishbowl inventory address, round rock apartments with garage, best hill country hotels, sensor to detect plastic bottle, hotel emperador madrid, type of plastic used for bags, fiber optic medical devices, auth0 okta enterprise connection, taiwan printing company,Related: barrett jackson auction, carol dwyer frank worthington, radio 2 playlist yesterday, tracy arnold california, distance between madurai to rameshwaram to kanyakumari, bartley gorman funeral, atlantis american express offer, volvo penta repower packages, baby monkey falls from a very high tree and dies, tennessee overweight citation payment, is doug williams married, asis recruitment process, surfing game no internet, cuanto cobra grupo firme por evento, syracuse police auction,Related: is tarana burke married, porsche 944 exhaust manifold removal, stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma life expectancy without treatment, what happened to pc clark in new tricks, omea band competition 2022, cash gernon autopsy report, met office weather symbols, cash cab host dies, it’s just another day 50 first dates, how to install versatrack in craftsman shed, new homes in surprise, az under 300k, petros palandjian obituary, is mio healthy, a place where traditional artefacts are kept is called, what does the bennington flag mean today,Related: alameda county newspapers for legal publication, what is a good credit score uk clearscore, briggs and stratton carburetor cross reference, how far do armadillos travel from their burrow, james dellavecchia obituary pennsylvania, most expensive bucking bull ever sold, 3 gastanove kone osnova, british international school of houston term dates, sinonimo di bella persona, grace personalized jewelry, franklin pierce family tree, brian j white and michael jai white related, sodium iodide and calcium sulfide chemical equation, keekit indoor outdoor thermometer manual, dragging douglas in wichita 2021,Related: singing in the sun, kelly johnson death, jackson county, ga voting results, 3rd special forces group command sergeant major, how to get same day tickets to holocaust museum, home remedy for creeping eruption, ifsac correlation sheets, remove watermark on google docs, how many kids do bambi and scrappy have, best fishing marks north wales, is jeff martin related to ryan martin, calories burned squats calculator, shingles vaccine ingredients cdc, traumatic brain injury life expectancy calculator, was ann doran ever married,Related: best places for single black mothers to live 2021, physicians mutual eligibility check for providers, pinball replacement parts, david custom knives, porque a los eduardos les dicen lalo, dollar tree syringe, shooting in parma ohio last night, breckenridge brewery events, ohio state university admissions appeal, dennis murphy iu health salary 2020, hurlingham club reciprocal clubs, is the accuser always holy now, winter olympics 2022 jamaican bobsled team schedule, loud house fanfiction lincoln bad day, banister lieblong clinic patient portal,

Natalia Pelczar 9 na FOOM!

Z dwoma rekordami życiowymi z FOOM wróciła Natalia Pelczar. Wynik 447 dał jej 9 miejsce w PPN50 jr młd., natomiast wynik 492 to 15 lokata w PSP30+30 jr młd. Nasz klub zajął również 9 pozycję w klasyfikacji zespołowej zdobywając 28 pkt do Systemu Sportu Młodzieżowego. Ponadto dobre rezultaty zanotowały również Izabela Gajewska, Aleksandra Mazur oraz Dominika Śmietana.

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